Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier (Bold Black)

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Style name: Air Purifier
Did you know that an average Indian spends almost 24 hours in a car in a week, where the air quality can be 5 times worse than outside?
Presenting Move Pure Car Air Purifier by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company.
High Grade HEPA filter – removes PM2.5, dust and fights external particulate pollutants.
Advance double layer active carbon filter – removes VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, toxic gases and odour.
Completely ozone free, does not release any ions.
Powerful performance with CADR of 12 Cu m/hr, can be used in all kinds of cars – small to SUVs.
Low noise and power usage – ? 49 dB and 12 V DC respectively, Nominal Power: 6 W – 8 W

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Technical Details
Brand: Honeywell
Item Weight: 980 g
Package Dimensions: 24.4 x 20.8 x 7.4 cm
Item part number: HAPC15GC010506B

Foldable: No
Colour: Black
Stain Resistant: No
Assembly Required: No
Included: 1 Air Purifier, Product Manual, Filter, Connecting Cable, 2 Sets of Velcro and Quick Start Guide

Product description
Style name:Air Purifier
An average Indian spends more than 2 hours in car every day, and these environs have pollutants in various forms ? PM2.5, TVOC released in extreme temperature, dust, odor, cigarette smoke, other particles and fabric pollutants. The inside environment of the car can increase the concentration of VOCs and break other present chemicals down into more toxic substances. Honeywell Move Pure Car purifier comes with advanced double layer active carbon filter and high grade HEPA that remove TVOC, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, toxic gases and odour. It?s easy to install, you can place it on rear parcel tray and run the cable through the gap in rear seat and below the mats to go all the way up to the power point in front. You can also install it on flat dashboard surface. Best suited when travelling : With Kids, with pregnant women, with allergic individuals, with asthmatic individuals, with Pots, on a long drive to office.


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